Thursday, January 11, 2007

Curve Balls

This week has been a little insane. My career life is on rocky terrain. The start-up production company where I work is running out of money. Two days before X-mas, my boss told me my last day is 1/15/07. I was in Target shopping when I got this news and I had to immediately leave the store. I think I was more shocked than scared. Although I am one of those living paycheck-to-paycheck kind of people, I wasn't scared about not having any money. I was more frightened of not having the opportunity anymore. This place held such promise of me being able to fulfill my dreams of being a producer/writer. Of course I know there will be more opportunities, I just wasn't ready to give up this current one.

However, today things started to take an interesting turn. My boss is venturing into the world of infomercials and wants to know if I want to be his personal assistant. I accepted the offer although infomercials is not something I have ever wanted to work in. I guess we gotta keep swinging the bat even if we are thrown curveballs. Keep on truckin' as my Mom would say.

While I was dealing with my job woes, I got a call from one of my close friends this week. She just had a baby a month ago and now her husband is diagnosed with a brain tumor. I felt absolutely gutted when I heard this news. They are such good people that don't need this kind of tribulation right now. Surprisingly, she sounded hopeful that everything would work out. I thought about how unimportant my own problem was at that moment and said a silent prayer for her family. Sometimes, while dealing with your own curveballs, you have to take a step back and help someone with theirs...

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