Friday, October 5, 2007

Of Course You Did Martha...

I've recently become something I thought I would NEVER become. Domestic. Well, only in the cooking arena because I still abhor cleaning. Lately, I have seriously been channeling Martha Stewart with my recent kitchen creations. It all started out innocently when I got laid off from my production company job and found myself at home with absolutely nothing to do. One morning, I decided to cook pancakes from scratch to help get rid of a large amount of flour stored in my cabinets. Then came the frittata's & omelets. Then came me searching for interesting recipes online.

When I discovered the best cooking blog on the planet,

Smitten Kitchen

All hell broke loose. This blog is a food diary of an average woman who just so happens to be a fabulous cook. Her photography will make you drool and have you searching for your roommates kitchenaid mixer just so you can get that cookie from the screen to your tummy. And not just any cookie; I'm talking homemade oreos.

Now, if you are me, stumbling upon a recipe for homemade oreos is like finding the concoction that is going to save the world from destruction. Okay, it's not that serious, but you get my drift. I loved oreos so much as a kid that I once at half a pack in one day! I got extremely sick after this and my Mom refused to by cookies for what seemed like an eternity.

Since I didn't want to sabotage my weight loss, I made the Oreos for a concert event I attended with friends. The Oreos were a hit and much better than the store bought ones if I have to say so myself. Since then, I have made chewy chocolate chip cookies and korova chocolate cookies. But all this cookie making has only been for events/birthdays because my lack of willpower only allows chocolate to stay in my house for a couple of days.

My kitchen has produced more than sweets since my inner chef kicked in. I made Vodka Cream Pasta and Pizza from scratch last week. From a scale of 1-5, the pasta was really easy to make and gets a 1. The pizza dough made the pizza ridiculously hard to make and gets a 5! I went through 3 batches of dough before the last batch decided to cooperate and rise. I was almost defeated by the mixture of flour, water, salt and yeast.

Cooking from scratch tastes 10 times better than eating in a restaurant and it's as if I have discovered a new passion in life I never dreamt I would enjoy. It used to be soooooo boring for me but I have recently found myself getting excited about new recipes I find. It's gotten to the point where I head straight for the cookbook section at bookstores and I regularly check the food network to see what's cookin'. My mother is just beside herself at my newfound hobby and is so happy that her future grandkids will be eating more than sandwiches for dinner. Whenever I make some new homemade this or that, I call one of my girlfriends and say, "I just made this from scratch and it is so delish". To which she always replies, "Of course you did Martha"...