Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ghost From The Past - Part 2

Back in April, I talked about seeing a ghost from my past when I was perusing dating websites. He was the last man I fell really hard for but it didn't work out due to reasons I mentioned in the April post. We sporadically kept in touch since we stopped seeing each other but I hadn't talked to him for months until... July 4th.

I was at home reading a book and waiting for my roommates 4th of July party to kick in when my cell rang. As I gazed down at the number calling me, it took 2 seconds to register that it was him. Here is an excerpt of the convo:

Me: Hello.
Him: Hi, it's ____.

Me: Oh, hey. (long pause) Um, how's it going?
Him: Good. How are you?

Me: Great, just great. Did you graduate?
Him: No, not yet.

Me: Oh, bummer.
Him: (Insert nervous laughter) This is my last quarter though. Sooooo, what are you doing right now?

Me: Why?
Him: I was wondering if we could hang out today?

Did he seriously think he could just call me at the drop of a hat to hang out and I would drop everything on a freaking holiday to see his trifling behind. Of course that is not what I said to him although I really do need to find a way to channel the "psycho-bitch" persona for moments like this.

Me: I kinda have plans being it's 4th of July today.
Him: Oh right, I forgot about the holiday. We don't celebrate it in my country.

Me: Well, we do here.
Him: I just wanted to know if I could take you out for coffee sometime so we could catch up.

What could we possibly have to catch up on?

Me: Sure. How about Sunday?
Him: Perfect. I'll pick you up at 3.

Did I just agree to meet him that fast.

Me: I'll just meet you at the Starbucks down the street.
Him: No, no. I'll come and get you.

Me: Fine. Ok, bye.
Him: See ya on Sunday.

I hang up the phone and wonder what the hell just happened here? I wasn't really expecting to ever see my ghost again. My mind starts taking off in a million different directions. Does he want to be friends now? Or God forbid, does he need to tell me he has an STD?

Sunday rolls around and he calls me at 3 to tell me he is on his way. Damn, I was almost hoping he bailed. Five minutes later (yes, we live that close), he calls and says he is outside my house. You know what's crazy, I was straight up nervous. Not because I was so excited to see him or anything but I was still worried about why he wanted to see me.

Anyways, I walk outside but I do not see his black Mustang. I scan my head from side to side but I don't see him. I pull my cell out to call him and then I see a shiny new Lexus pull out from one of the parking spaces and drive right in front of me. He waves and I get into the car.

Me: Hey. I didn't notice you in the new car.
Him: Oh, yeah I just got it.

Me: Why did you get a Lexus?
Him: Cause it's reliable

More like, I bought the shiny new Lexus to compensate for what I am lacking emotionally.

Me: Reliable? Uh, okay.
Him: Have you lost weight?

Me: (I smile to myself) Oh, you can tell?

I know my weight loss is obvious since I haven't seen him in awhile but isn't it fun to play along.

Him: Yeah, you look much thinner. Why are you losing weight?

Duh, cause I want to look hot!

Me: Cause I need to get healthy now that I am getting older.
Him: I guess that's good.

By this time we are at Starbucks cause it is seriously only 2 minutes from both of our houses. So you see, there was no need for him to pick me up except to show off his shiny new Lexus. I guess he never figured out that I am not materialistic.

I sit on the patio as he gets our iced coffees. He saunters out looking like he owns the world and sits the coffee down.

Me: Thanks.
Him: Sure. So, how have you been?

Me: Really good.
Him: How is work?

Me: Actually, I am doing very well. I quit my day job and I am finally building up my financial services business right now and I love it!!
Him: Wow, things have really picked up for you. That's great.

Okay, in cases like this, I totally advocate bending the truth just a wee bit. There is no need for him to know that I was laid off from my day job, that my financial services business is starving for clients right now and that unemployment was my only source of income at the time.

Me: Yes, life is great.
Him: Are you dating anyone?

Damn, you waste no time in getting to the personal questions.

Me: At this very moment, no. I dated one guy earlier this year but it didn't work out.
Him: Oh. What are you looking for?

Haven't I told you this like 3 times before and yet you still ask the same question.

Me: A serious relationship; not a casual one.
Him: Then why don't you get a boyfriend?

Like it's that easy to find someone who you connect with physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Me: Well, I don't want a boyfriend just to have one. I want him to be the right person.
Him: You know what, you should get married!

What the fuck?? Okay, I have no idea what is going on in this conversation right now and no, I am not making any of this up.

Me: Dude, slowwww down. Why u trying to marry me off? Do I look like the marrying type?
Him: No but what do I know.

How do you know I am not 100% keen on marriage; time to get the spotlight off of me.

Me: Are you dating anyone?
Him: No, no time.
Me: Well, are you fucking anyone?
Him: (Nervous Laughter) Umm, yeah. You know booty calls.

Nice to hear you are still living a shallow existence.

Me: Do you ever want to be in a relationship?
Him: Yes but not right now. I have to focus on my career right now.

Still singing the same song I see.

Me: Why did you call me?
Him: Because I miss you.

Crap, I wasn't expecting him to say that. There was a long pause right here cause I really had no idea what to say. I kinda missed him too but not in the "I want to be your girlfriend" type of way.

Me: Oh. Well, I miss talking to you sometimes.
Him: Me too. I always thought you were a very nice person.

By this time we have finished our coffee and are back in the car driving me home. We are silent for the full 2 minutes it takes to get back. He pulls up slowly in the front of my gate.

Me: It was good seeing ya and good luck with school.
Him: Good to see you too and thanks. See you next time.
Me: Yeah, next time.

So that was how my meeting with the ghost went. It was kind of weird seeing him but nice in a way. He looked even better than I remembered but I always thought he was hot. We haven't spoken since that day and I am not so sure there will be a next time. I'm not really sure I want there to be a next time. Some things are better left in the past. On the bright side, at least he didn't tell him he had an STD....

P.S To all my friends who are saying, "This happened in July and you are just now telling us in August!" You know it takes me awhile to digest situations that happen in my life before I can completely spill my guts about it. Besides, I am like this in "real life", so why would you expect anything different in "blogland"...

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HOLY CRAP - you're telling us NOW!!!!!
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have you heard from him again!!!