Thursday, August 2, 2007

Travel Joneses'

I am that girl. The one who has a hard time putting roots down anywhere. The one who has a hard time staying committed to anything or anyone. The one who hates working 9-5 but does it out of sheer necessity. I am simply a girl that loves to be stimulated by meeting new people and experiencing new cultures all of the time.

Lately I have been reading too many expat blogs about Americans living in other countries and it has reactived my travel bug that has been dormant for far too long. Reading about others experiences has also brought back so many beautiful memories of when I lived in Spain. I lived in Madrid for 10 months when I was a junior in college and it was the best time of my life. I can't sum up my entire experience in this blog but the time I spent in Spain has been the only time in my almost 30 years of life where I felt happy every day. Although, I'm sure my memories of Spanish life are a little romanticized b/c I was a student and didn't have the true responsibilities I have now as an adult here in LA.

In any case, I am getting an itch to go somewhere, anywhere. So far, I have been to Europe, Caribbean and North Africa and now I want to tackle Asia. I contemplated teaching english in Korea for awhile but I'm not sure if that is the right fit for me. As much as I would love to disappear to some faraway land, I still have many tasks to finish here. Besides, I think I would feel disappointed in myself if I just chucked it (my dreams) all to the wind. For now, I will have to settle for a vacation somewhere to satisfy my cravens. Hmmm, where should I go?

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